Sunday, March 21, 2010

What are the best conditions for you to learn? What inhibits your learning, remembering or understanding information? Have you learned strategies to help you learn or remember information over time?

60: I have a grasshopper mind, get bored easily. I enjoy learning new things, have high intelligence, but get bored easily and tend not to finish things when I understand them…. So many levels need to be involved
I tend to learn in a right brain way at the beginning, zeroing in on the details later. But that allows me to master the new subject quite quickly, although in the first week or two I might seem all at sea if I am in a left brained class because I don't work that way. I also tend to learn things for my own uses, and if I think a thing has merit I will pursue it very deeply. eg I am very interested in psychology and Carl Jung resonates deeply with me, so I have read many of his works and also those of other Jungians. But at the same time Freud leaves me cold because I feel that he doesn't have a handle on what is really going on with the mind, particularly the collective unconscious which is part of what interests me about Jung. Because of that interest I ended up getting into mythology and reading all of Joseph Campbell as well. This is how it works with me.
I actually process things with the senses of sight, sound and touch. This may be because I am a musician and used sound and touch a lot from a young age and therefore developed those senses. Naturally I do visualize very easily. I dream in full color, and if I were to follow a guided meditation would have no difficulty at all. Other people I know have difficulties in such areas. However when I am learning, while I will take notes at a lecture, I can just as easily listen and not take notes and recall it all. In that case I will hear the lecturers voice describing the thing I am trying to recall. Whereas if I read something I will see it written down as I recall it. Both senses seem to operate quite well. The sense of touch comes in a spatial way. If I walk myself through something I remember it. I rarely get lost for instance because once I have been there I can feel myself back into that place spatially.

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