Sunday, March 21, 2010

Advice and Comments

If you were writing this questionnaire to better understand the Asperger experience over a lifetime, what question would you include and how would you answer it?
What advice would you give others, particularly young people, with Asperger’s?

F60 Perhaps a question about parenting for those of us who are parents---how did it affect that role?
In my own case I did the best I could to give them unconditional love as well as the guidance all parents need to give. My kids seem to think I succeeded. I also tried to make them independent because it is important, especially since we are by nature loners in aspergers families. All of my kids can stand on their own feet. I see many families that are very dependent and to a suffocating degree. That is where we are different.

Life Satisfaction

Has having a diagnosis helped you? How?

F60 I never had a formal diagnosis, but my brother is severely autistic. Reading about autism has helped me to see the Asperger’s traits in my own behavior. It helps to realize that this is inheritance and I am not being antisocial etc. A lot of expectations socially I just can’t fulfill because of how I am. Like everyone else I do the best I can.

Who has provided you with the most support in your life and what form has it taken?
For what issues have you sought psychological or pastoral help?
Drawing on the lessons you’ve learned over your life, what advice would you offer to a younger version of yourself?

F60 My husband---unconditional love to the best of his ability.
No professional help---being a private person I tend to deal with things by reading etc. So I have read many self-help books. I also have a good friend who also probably has aspergers and is a councillor who I have sometimes over the years discussed things with. But it is more of a mutual help as we give each other support.
Advice: It is important to be you. Don't try to be something others expect of you.

Are you happy with your life now? What makes you happy? What would make you more happy? What changes would you like to make in your life?
What strategies have you used to reduce anxiety? Have you used alcohol, tobacco or other substances as a strategy to reduce fear or anxiety? To help you feel normal, more connected or less self conscious about your thoughts, feelings or mannerisms? Do alcohol or other strategies, offer relief from struggling to try to try to fit in? Do you use alcohol or other at home?

F60: Walking, meditating, books--I love bookstores and libraries. I experience anxiety over other people's expectations of me, or what I think they want. Sometimes I think they want more than they do. I can't always read people that way. This hasn't changed at all.

If you had the time, energy and opportunity to form a small group of friends or similarly minded people, what would you want to get out of the group?