Sunday, March 21, 2010


Do you have goals? Have you had goals in the past and been able to achieve them? What would you like to do if there was nothing to hold you back? What are difficulties in achieving that and do they relate to traits of AS?

F60: I've wanted to make a contribution by sharing what I can of my knowledge and myself with others. I do this in various ways. I am also very aware of what we share on subliminal levels eg I believe that if I send a thought of love to someone they will benefit from it. It would have been difficult for me if I had been ambitious as I could never have stood up to the requirements of someone in the public limelight.

What skills do you have? What do you consider your strengths, either learned or innate? Have you continued to learn new things? Are you interested in learning new things, even as you get older?

F60 My biggest strength is an ability to be able to interest myself in all kinds of activities which may not necessarily involve others. I am able to go out and do things alone if need be which many others can’t. I notice people who simply have to be with others in order to validate themselves, I don’t.

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